By Raymond Smith–EWUF president, IWUF vice-president


Dear members and wushu practitioners!

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IWUF Announcement

IWUF Announcement

Recently, the Secretariat has received some inquiries from IWUF members regarding the invitation letter to attend the so-called “World Kung Fu Championships” sent by the International Kung Fu Federation. They expressed their concerns about this situation, too.
Please be informed and advised that this event is not organized by the IWUF and the IWUF has nothing to do with it. It is our duty and obligation to keep and protect the integrity and unity of the IWUF family, the good tradition and morality that have lasted many years. I believe that this tradition will be carried forward by us all in good faith. With one heart and one mind, we shall be committed to work for goal, for wushu’s sustainable development and prosperity.

For our wushu movement,

Liu Beijian
IWUF Secretary General



Here is the first of our EURO-WUSHU newsletters. We hope with your input to send out such information on a regular basis. The value of such newsletter rests in the quality of the information presented in them. Therefore we need you all to be active and send us your information on what is happening in your federation. We want to have a balanced publication so please accept we shall try to only put one or two items from any single members. It is your newsletter so please let us have your news to put in it. We shall try to keep the news items brief…

Wushu’s bid for 2020 Olympic Games Recognition
Due to the constant effort of the IWUF, Wushu maintains its place in the 8 sports biding for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games.
The process for final selection is long and very detailed. On the19th September 2012 the IOC sent an inspection team to visit the IWUF World Junior Championships in Macau. The inspection consisted on watching the event, inspecting the procedures of the event, anti doping arrangements, inspecting training areas, competition areas and equipment. In addition to the inspection a meeting was held with delegates from the Executive Board where a questionnaire covering many aspects of Wushu competition was completed.
This was followed by a general questions and answers session. The purpose of this meeting and inspection was to prepare a report to the IOC Program Commission and to give the IWUF the opportunity to gain information about the IOC’s expectations for sports included in future Games.
The meetings and inspection were very advantages to the IWUF and we acknowledge the support and given by the IOC delegates.
The next step is for the IWUF to formally present Wushu at an IOC Program Commission meeting. Such meetings are being held for each of the sports biding for inclusion in the Games.
Our presentation shall be given on 19th December 2012 in Lausanne, Switzerland by a team of up to seven people. This team shall consist of a mix of Executive Board Members plus an athlete representative. I have been asked to be part of the presentation team and shall do my best with the combined efforts of our president Yu and other Board Members to portray Wushu I the best possible way to the IOC.
The 8 sports should then be reduced to the final 3 that will be considered by the IOC, of which currently it is expected that only one will be accepted to enter the Games.

Olympic wushu ambassador from Europe!
It is a great honour for the EWuF that russian athlete Daria Tarassova has been selected to be part of the IWUF presentation team as the athlete representative to present wushu to the IOC Programme Commission in Lausanne this year. Daria has got two World Championships Gold titles and the prestigious Beijing 2008 Gold and World Games Gold titles. She is European wushu federation 4-th Duan and has more than 15 gold medals in european individual events.


A First for Europe – EWuF Vice President Gleb Muzrukov, Chairman of the EWuF Technical Committee and Head of the European Wushu Grading System has been appointed Chairman of the IWUF Grading System Committee. This is the first technical position in the IWUF to be headed by a non Chinese. This is a great achievement for Gleb and recognition of the many years of his successful work for the IWUF and EWUF, specially to develop the grading system.

European Wushu Traditional Championships 2013
8th-15th April 2013, Bucharest, Romania
Update – the date for our next championship has been pushed back one day to give better rates for those attending. Now the event will take place between the 8-15 April 2013.
This event was tested 2 years ago in Tallinn, Estonia and was very successful. This time we want to make it even more successful and have introduced some of the items you have specifically asked for.
Rules for routines have been amended by the EWUF Technical Committee after examining the proposals of EWUF traditional wushu commission (chairman Paulo Araujo). Rules are based on the Chinese Wushu Association rules.
EVENTS will include Traditional Routines, Sanshou Qinda-Leitai light contact fighting and Tuishou pushing hands.